Free Microsoft points

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Free Microsoft points.. Every gamers dream, im going to show you how I got this absolutely free without a credit card.

How does this work and whats the catch?

Now your probably wondering, whats the catch and why doesn't everyone do this? Well, first of all, there is NO catch! This is absolutely free, legal and legit. Everyday people like you are finding out about this new secret trick to get free microsoft points and the numbers are growing! Thousands of people have already gotten free microsoft points without doing anything and you can too, all you have to do is follow these simple instructions!
Sign up:

First sign up here to get free microsoft points

Click on sign-up and start filling out the required information. You even get 250 free points when you sign up. It will ask for your email, give them your REAL email address, this is where important stuff goes.

Next it asks for your address, put in your real address, They send out games and Consoles too, so just put in your real address.

these points are used to get your microsoft points. So how do you get points? Well there are a few easy ways:

-Fast and easy offers-

once signed up, you will be brought to the front page, at the top of the page, you will see where it says "earn points" click there and it will take you to a page where there are hundreds and hundreds of offers. Click on the offer and start filling it out. The easiest offers to do are called "Quiz Rocket" and will get u your microsoft points fast this. Microsoft points cost only 1700 points which can be achieved in 1 day.

-Cell Phone and Credit card offers
There are also cell phone and credit card offers that are easy to complete and will result in u getting ALOT of points fast. For cell phone offers they give u free ringtones but they end up giving u 500-1000 on the spot! Credit card offers are also easy to complete and require a credit card number but they dont charge and give u 750-1000 points! Credit card offers that are pay offers take money but the offer itself gives back more money than u spend so u benefit and get 2000-3500 points!

Did you know that this site is the only site that offers games that you can play for points? There are 4 games which you can play:

-The Racing game- the racing game is simple in which you have to race a little blue car around a track 5 times and avoid hitting the walls. Simple enough.

-The Shooting game- The shooting game involves a total of 50 targets each worth 4 points for a total of 200 points, all you have to do is hit the bullseye which will give u 4 points. Easy.

-Number Limbo-
This game involves each player getting 5 guesses on weekdays and 10 guesses on weekends, this is very simple, all you have to do is guess a low number which nobody else has guessed and you could win $20-$80, the number limbo happens everyday so its fun to play.

-Tripeak Solitare-
In this game u must Click a card in the pyramids to play it on the waste card in the lower-right corner. Card value must be 1 higher or 1 lower than the waste. A can be played on K or 2, J can be played on 10 or Q. As u do this you will get points, u can submit your score anytime.

–Each games pits you against another player and if you beat that player you win tons of points!

-Redeem your prize

After you have gotten 1700 points, which is enough for your free microsoft points go to where it says "spend points" then "find a prize." Type in your prize which is free microsoft points and request it. You can also redeem your points for video games, consoles, and anything else on Your free microsofts points code will be emailed to you!

Your done! I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide, Good luck!

Free Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package

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I just wanted to let you all know that today's the day the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package comes out with brand new maps. If u want to get them quickly, be sure to head on over to the Free Microsoft Points website to get some Microsoft points and buy the stimulus package. I have also posted a guide on how to get Free Microsoft Points.

Starcraft 2 Beta

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The announcement of Starcraft 2 has set the gaming industry abuzz, especially the Korean gamers who value Starcraft as a god send. Well Blizzard announced that it will be needing beta testers to help look for potential bugs in the game and for the overall quality of how users enjoy it. Smart move Blizzard, but only a select few will be able to test and how do these people apply? When they say money talks, they aren't kidding because Blizzard is offering anyone who wants to pay the fee of $400 to enter and test the game for a few months, and if more than 1 person wants to pay, they have a bid off and the highest one wins. Although the testers still have to purchase the game because the beta will be disabled a few weeks before the release

If you don't know Starcraft, you've been living in a pretty deserted place because since its debut in 1998, Starcraft 2 has racked up at least 10 million in sales. Very impressive, and Blizzard is estimating that Starcraft 2 will have 8 million copies gone when it is released this year. This is one game I can't wait for, stay tuned.

The Nintendo 3DS

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So once again, Nintendo has created a new portable gaming device known as the 3DS. What does it do you? Well were glad you asked, because its actually something we've never seen before. The 3DS is a 3-dimensional DS, always exactly like a Nintendo DS except with 3D graphics. From what we've seen, it looks pretty cool, although a pretty useless game was played on it, its ability to capture 3D graphics was astounding. Rumors have come up saying that there is a high definition mini camera that locates a players face and moves the screen accordingly.

Although we don't know much about it, we know that its a brand new theme for a brand new generation of gaming. Surprisingly enough, the Ipod/Itouch have been taking 5% of the gaming industry solely because of their touch screen's and easy portability without having to constantly charge a handheld device for one use, music or calling. We at GamerzSanctuary think that the 3DS is just an upgrade to the DS kind of like the DSi. We can also use an example from the Halo series stating that Halo 1 was great, but Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, and Halo ODST were just upgrades and not worth the money. Only reason people bought them was to play with everyone else on Xbox live. Well see how successful this becomes, stay tuned.

Sony motion controller named

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Sony's new motion controller has finally been named and went through a presentation in San Francisco, it is now being called the "Playstation Move." Sounds cool, but it looks like it went through dome major remodeling because it looks like they created an almost brand new controller. MTV Multiplayer and Gizmundo both said that the controller is easier to hold and fun to play with but it is almost like a replica of the Nintendo Wii, it is not a new experience. Well, they were right because Sony also showed a "sub-controller" which was in my mind similar to that of the Wii's nunchuck controller.

So is it good?

Well I would say that Sony does seem like they did put alot of work into it and it is similar to that of the Wii, MTV Multiplayer also mentioned that it would be a tight competition because the Wii has unveiled the Motion plus controller which is supposed to mimic the exact movements of the user which I thought was funny because it was supposed to do that in the first place. Now an important question, what is the price of this thing? Well Sony has said that the price of the camera and the Move joystick will be less than $100. Xbox 360's Projct Natal camera is also said to be around $60.

If you look at the Playstation Move, you can see a round bulb-like figure almost like a microphone, people have asked what it is and the answer is that this is where the camera will detect the motion when you move the controller. That's all from Sony and the Playstation Move, stay tuned.

3D gaming experience

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If your looking for a 3D gaming experience, you might want to start
getting into the gaming spirit of PC games. Not only are they fun, but
some games have whole worlds to explore along with amazing grahpics, and
a variety of weapons and many other things. Nvidia which is a top graphics card
manufacturer is preparing for a 3D experience for PC gamers which is called "3D vision" which already supports 400 games.

Chances are that some of your favorite games will be on that list because they are
popular games. The only downside to this amazing technology is the price, the worst enemy
for every gamer, it holds a $199 price for the 3D vision experience. You will also need
a new monitor and an brand new Nvidia graphics card to support the insane graphics. If you
have the money, it would be something id check out. Stay tuned.

Project Natal to be released in April 2010

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The much anticipated Project Natal which is Microsoft's motion sensor
technology which is anticipated to bring up sales and be a competitive match
for the Wii. At a Consumer Electronics show in Vegas, Robbie Bach let out
a little slip saying the motion controlled technology would be int he hands
of consumers during the holiday season.

So far there isn't anything about how pricey this new system is going to be but
many game publishers are already supporting the new system. There was also a feature which
was named the "Game Room" which will basically let users create their own arcade
which will have classics that will be playable each available at $3-$5, so far there is said
to be about 30 games which will be available, but Microsoft see's room for expansion and is said
in the future they will have 1000 games available.

On a brighter note for Microsoft, The Wii is still miles ahead of the Xbox 360 in sales
but a new report shows that the Xbox 360 is currently the most used home console.

Let the battle begin. Stay tuned.