Decades top 10 games

Well this decade has been one to remember, with amazing game titles like Modern Warfare 2 all the way back to the original Halo series. The 10 games of the decade were rated and were going to show you the 10 games and give u a quick detailed description about them:

10. Super Mario Galaxy: One of the best releases since N64 Mario Kart, this game was released on the Wii and is the top seller. Released in 2007 and also will have a sequel nexr year.

Half Life 2: Released in 2004, Half Life 2 destroyed the competition with its amazing graphics, advanced weaponry, and story telling. This game is considered to be greatest first person shooter game of all time and I approve of this rank! The game was the best game ive ever played. It also featured online Multiplayer battles which never got old.

8. Wii Fit: Nintendo's Wii Fit was a game based on exercise and trying to get you to get up and be active. It was a bold move by Nintendo because a game like it was never released but, Nintendo should be glad they did it, with Wii Fit being of the the best sellers of all time and erasing video game stereotypes.

7. Bejeweled: released in 2001, Bejeweled was a game to move the same objects and pieces together and make a chain link to get as many points as possible, addicting? YES! Tetris paved the way for the 1990's and Bejeweled for 2000.

6. Wii Sp
orts: released in 2006 and one packaged with every single Wii, it was really popular as people would play it tirelessly for hours on end. With 5 games to play, you had a wide variety and a load of fun.

5. Halo: Ah Halo, one of the best games ever released, with its amazing story line, weapon variety, and multiplayer play, it never got old and I mean NEVER! People would flock to play this game, this game revolutionized the gaming industry.

4. Guitar Hero: released in 2005, Guitar Hero become an instant hit. Many gamers couldn't get enough of the game, it features a guitar for a controller and you must match the cords with that on your guitar. Simple, but fun, as you got better, the harde
r the songs got. Guitar Hero was also the fastest game to hit the billion dollar mark which was achieved in just 26 months!!

3. The Sims: The Sims involved looking over tiny computerized peoples needs and wants. It kept everyone up and resulted in being the best selling PC game of all time and it was released in 2000 with 7 expansions in 3 years!

2. World of Warcraft: To gamers, there was no such thing as a life before World of Warcraft. Created by Blizzard and released in 2004 for the PC, its a massive
multiplayer game which involves training you
r character
to become the strongest. This was was originally thought up based on the previous game, Warcraft 3.

1. Grand Theft Auto 3: Grand Theft Auto was a breakthrough for the future games of free play, it allowed you to do almost anything you wanted and was called "chaotic." But to gamers, it was revolutionary which allowed you to free roam and hijack, kill, or blow up anything in your sight.

Thats it for the top 10 games, well see what the future has in store for us with Microsofts new motion sensoring technology called "Project Natal."

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