Project Natal to be released in April 2010

The much anticipated Project Natal which is Microsoft's motion sensor
technology which is anticipated to bring up sales and be a competitive match
for the Wii. At a Consumer Electronics show in Vegas, Robbie Bach let out
a little slip saying the motion controlled technology would be int he hands
of consumers during the holiday season.

So far there isn't anything about how pricey this new system is going to be but
many game publishers are already supporting the new system. There was also a feature which
was named the "Game Room" which will basically let users create their own arcade
which will have classics that will be playable each available at $3-$5, so far there is said
to be about 30 games which will be available, but Microsoft see's room for expansion and is said
in the future they will have 1000 games available.

On a brighter note for Microsoft, The Wii is still miles ahead of the Xbox 360 in sales
but a new report shows that the Xbox 360 is currently the most used home console.

Let the battle begin. Stay tuned.

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