Sony motion controller named

Sony's new motion controller has finally been named and went through a presentation in San Francisco, it is now being called the "Playstation Move." Sounds cool, but it looks like it went through dome major remodeling because it looks like they created an almost brand new controller. MTV Multiplayer and Gizmundo both said that the controller is easier to hold and fun to play with but it is almost like a replica of the Nintendo Wii, it is not a new experience. Well, they were right because Sony also showed a "sub-controller" which was in my mind similar to that of the Wii's nunchuck controller.

So is it good?

Well I would say that Sony does seem like they did put alot of work into it and it is similar to that of the Wii, MTV Multiplayer also mentioned that it would be a tight competition because the Wii has unveiled the Motion plus controller which is supposed to mimic the exact movements of the user which I thought was funny because it was supposed to do that in the first place. Now an important question, what is the price of this thing? Well Sony has said that the price of the camera and the Move joystick will be less than $100. Xbox 360's Projct Natal camera is also said to be around $60.

If you look at the Playstation Move, you can see a round bulb-like figure almost like a microphone, people have asked what it is and the answer is that this is where the camera will detect the motion when you move the controller. That's all from Sony and the Playstation Move, stay tuned.

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