Starcraft 2 Beta

The announcement of Starcraft 2 has set the gaming industry abuzz, especially the Korean gamers who value Starcraft as a god send. Well Blizzard announced that it will be needing beta testers to help look for potential bugs in the game and for the overall quality of how users enjoy it. Smart move Blizzard, but only a select few will be able to test and how do these people apply? When they say money talks, they aren't kidding because Blizzard is offering anyone who wants to pay the fee of $400 to enter and test the game for a few months, and if more than 1 person wants to pay, they have a bid off and the highest one wins. Although the testers still have to purchase the game because the beta will be disabled a few weeks before the release

If you don't know Starcraft, you've been living in a pretty deserted place because since its debut in 1998, Starcraft 2 has racked up at least 10 million in sales. Very impressive, and Blizzard is estimating that Starcraft 2 will have 8 million copies gone when it is released this year. This is one game I can't wait for, stay tuned.

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