Most anticipated games of 2010

The year is almost over and its been a great decade for gaming, were about to introduce what next year has in store for us and it will change the way we game. Here are the most anticipated games of 2010:

Mass Effect 2: high budget space operation, In stores January 26th

God of War 3: Kratos will be battling monsters with new powers, new moves, and for the first time will be relased on the PS3.

Star Trek Online: Starship battles and Mass Multiplayer game Star Trek online will deliver, its due in stores February 2nd.

Splinter Cell Conviction: Splinter Cell has been the top spy game and most fun to play, in this game he will uncover how his daughter died and try to stop a terrorists plan. It will be in stores February 26th, suit up.

Gran Turismo 5: A big name in the racing industry for games, with new cars, new races and a whole lot of speed, get ready to race! It will be released sometime in March.

Halo Reach: Starring a team called the "Noble Team" a group of spartans will go into battle with the covenant forces. With new weapons and vehicles, gamers everywhere are excited for this new series in the Halo saga. One of the most anticipated games of 2010 and will be in stores everywhere this fall.

Metroid M: Metroid, a game with the girl fighting off Metroids and strange monsters in her space suit. It will show Samus fighting in 2 and 3 dimensions. As we venture into her past. The game is due sometime later next year.

Final Fantasy XII: One of the best role playing games out there, Final Fantasy with its amazing graphics and great storyline is gonna be big next year. will be in stores March 9th for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Bioshock 2: Although I never played the game, Bioshock was given many praises. Although so many questions remain about the game, everyone is hoping that the new sequel will deliver. All will be answered February 9th.

Star Wars the Old Republic: Highly anticipated game due on the PC next year, Star Wars The Old Republic will sure bring battles between the Sith and the Jedi to a whole new level, I am also anticipating this game and cannot wait to play it! Massive Multiplayer Online game thats hopefully released before the end of the year.

Red Dead Redemption: Similar to GTA in olden times, this game is set in 1908 and brings a whole lot of the old west memories back. Set to be released April 27th

Starcraft 2: The most anticipated game of the year Starcraft 2! The sequel to the popular game Starcraft which was the most popular strategy and war based game ever! Its going to be huge everywhere! especially in the Koreas where Starcraft tournaments rage on. There is no official release date but we predict its going to be somewhere around the fall.

I have my heart set on these new games and cant wait to play them! We hope you watch the trailers on all of these games which I will have posted soon so you can decide which u want to play. See u on the battlefield.


HARISH'S said...

Yeah.. and also just cause 2 , assassin's creed 2 and many more..

Jim said...

Yeah, theres alot more, I just scratched the surface. Assassins Creed 2 is already out.

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