Guinness records, most recognizable game character

Guinness released its 2010 book of video games most recognizable characters, you would think that its someone really famous like Mario, The spartan Master Chief, or Sonic, but no, for this one your going to have to think a little farther back. eating his way into the number 1 spot is none other than Pac-Man. Among the Guinness book are other records such as the most sold game ever which is (brace yourselves) Wii sports! This is due to the extreme popularity of the new motion controller technology and that Wii sports was sold with every Wii system.

Along with those records are others like the worlds most famous puzzle game, I would think it would be Tetris, but its safe to say that its Bejeweled where u match up similar pieces. Bejeweled is a god send when your sitting in a boring place and u have the game on your cell phone, but playing it anywhere else? I dont think so.

Heres one that was quite amazing but insane, this record is the most time playing a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game otherwise known as MMORPG, the record holder is now Sara Lhadi who played 700 days of the popular online game, Runescape. Sara Lhadi ended up playing from 2004 to 2009 and over 9 hours a day. Like I said insane. stay tuned.

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